Work With Us


ARCILLA RESEARCH is a small, Dutch-based, enterprise which has developed the technology of ceramics without firing. The innovative materials, products and systems impact upon the environment, physical resources and mass needs. The ‘Arcilla’ technology can be used to produce new and affordable building and construction systems.

We are engaged in European Union sponsored projects in Western and Central Europe and also preparing proposals for projects in several major world regions such as North and South America, the Caribbean, Western and Southern Africa and the Indian Subcontinent.

In connection with expanding worldwide activities, we are looking for young men and women to assist us part to full time as self-employed, free-lance regional coordinators, specialist consultants or national representatives for their native country. Our preference is young people with management skills who are strongly motivated and possess good language and communication aptitudes. Students or recent graduates in the field of technology, business, economics or international management may apply by sending a resumé or curriculum vitae accompanied by a recent photo, along with a letter in the English language to ARCILLA RESEARCH. Contact information can be found in CONTACT US page