Rubacon in a nutshell

Our firm, Arcilla Research, has created a family of new materials with exceptional properties under its RUBACON ProgramRUBACON – Resource Utilization for Building And CONstruction is a unit of Arcilla Research that aims to counter climate change and poverty.

We seek to create a presence in countries worldwide by establishing a RUBACON Centre. The Centre will serve to transfer the technology to the economically-deprived people of the host country, providing skills training that will lead to their setting up SMEs for the production of useful materials and products from ’waste’.
The RUBACON Programme – based on utilisation of secondary and renewable resources – includes a group of interrelated projects with the key project, advanced building materials and construction system, at the core. Please note that the materials are low to zero carbon and lightweight – gender-sensitive; they may be produced and assembled by women and older children. The construction system is designed to be energy autonomous and stable – providing extremely high resistance to earthquake, storm, fire and flood.  Please take note of the two major systems and their advantages:
The RUBACON Materials and Construction System and the RUBACON ADOBE System
  • the RUBACON materials are based on a micro mineral binder system
  • the design is hexagonal and consists of a series of panel components
  • the design is based on a modified form of ’rondavel’ – a typical system of building in southern Africa
  • the form and fibre-reinforced materials make for stability, providing high resistance to storm and earthquake
  • the panels are comprised of materials made from secondary and renewable resources 
  • the ADOBE System panels are comprised of earth components
  • the panels in both systems are water resistant and water repellent
  • the materials are zero carbon and lightweight – gender-sensitive
  • they may be produced and assembled by women and older children
  • the initial or shelter panel is intended to protect against the elements
  • a wall panel provides excellent insulation against both heat and cold
  • a structural panel of high flexural and compressive strength and high thermal storage capacity
  • the construction system may be modified to be energy autonomous
  • DIY construction is easy to install and low in cost
  • all materials are 100 % recyclable
The RUBACON Action Plan to Counter Climate Change and Poverty includes:
  • the ‘RENEW’ project for developing Biogas (alternative energy), natural fertilizer and micro-mineral powder from agricultural residues, animal dung and humanure
  • a solar energy water harvesting system for providing people with both hot and cold water
  • a process for utilisation of ceramic waste to produce surface-glazed ceramic tiles sans kiln
  • durable sewer, water and irrigation pipe
  • low-cost road construction
  • technology for cleansing of polluted land and waterways 
  • the Solaramic Mini Power Station
  • the Solaramic Desalination and Water Purification System and 
  • the Coastal Erosion and Flood Barrier

We have conducted various Action Plans to Counter Climate Change and Poverty for different areas around the world and four World Bank Proposals, two of which were approved as finalists for the Development Marketplace 2006 event in Washington.


You can refer to the Rubacon page here for more information.