ARCILLA RESEARCH is a small-scale technology enterprise with a mission. Our objective, simply stated, is to implant our technology world-wide. To realise this ambition, we have put together a multi-discipline team of specialist consultants who provide the relevant technical know-how and project management skills.

The activities of ‘ARCILLA’ are directed by Paul Rayar, originator of the technology, together with a team of associates and a network of national and regional representatives across the world. Strategic alliances with firms, sharing our vision and possessing complementary skills and expertise, make possible a total approach to each project.

Future Directions

  • A coating for glass fiber that gives protection against alkali attack.
  • Technology that opens up utilization of ‘waste’ glass fiber including the coating as above.
  • A special version of our binder with extended pot life. This is intended for manufacture of laminated paper (cardboard) spiral tubes where the current binder tends to harden up in the process.
  • New binder version of high concentration in combination with a special quartz sand version is expected to result in an ‘ultra-dense’ of increased density and strength.
  • Test work to begin on new super-fine fly ash expected to lead to enhanced ‘ultra-dense’ and ‘Cerafoam’.

Work is proceeding on development of a new composite material based on extremely fine particulate ceramic powders and a new ceramic reinforcement fiber. The composite is anticipated to fill a large gap in the market for a fully ceramic composite of high temperature and corrosion resistance, yet produced at ambient conditions.